Beatskip New Breed Sleeveless

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Size Large
Color Green

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The Beatskip Essential Sleeveless Tee is a unisex t-shirt designed and printed in Sweden.

Relaxed fit
100% Cotton

Beatskip Essential Sleeveless T-shirt by Beatskip Gear. This shirt is the original Beatskip t-shirt and comes in various sizes. Large Beatskip print on the back and small Symbol on the chest.

Designed to meet the demands of any activity, the Beatskip Essential Sleeveless boasts a loose fit for those who like to move. Perfect for fitness fanatics and long-night partiers alike!

This product is made to order.

For men we recommend taking your standard size, for a true to fit look. Take one size up for an oversized look. For women we recommend taking your standard size for an oversized look. Take one size down for a true to fit look.

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